Let interesting and well-paid work find you

1. Run StackMuncher profile builder over your current and past projects

2. Set your preferences for the type of work and pay

3. Respond to any interesting offers of work

StackMuncher profile builder is an open-source code analysis app. It runs as a local Git hook keeping your profile updated as you write more code and gain new skills. There are no fees for developers. StackMuncher is funded by sponsorships and fees paid by employers.

For Developers
  • GitHub profiles: 229,749
  • Open to work: 24,072
  • Registered members: we are not live yet
  • Stack size: 9

Anonymous profiles

All member profiles include details about the member’s technology stack and expertise. No identifiable information is collected by default.

We notify anonymous members of any opportunities that match their skills and employment preferences such as pay, nature of work or employer type.

Public profiles

Freelancers, contractors or anyone actively looking for work can add extra details such as bio, links to social profiles or contact details.

Employers are welcome to contact members with public profiles directly.

Member privacy

We protect your privacy by not collecting any info you are not comfortable making public.

Personal details such as age or gender are not collected. No photos either. Even your name is optional. Let your work speak for itself.

Code privacy

StackMuncher app analyzes your code locally on your machine without disclosing a single line of it.

The app is a 100% open-source single-file executable written in Rust for Linux, macOS and Windows.

No member ranking

No ranking, no leader-boards, no judgement on the quality or quantity of your code.

Everyone’s profile is just a collection of metrics for their technology stack and coding style.

Know who’s hiring?

If your company or someone you know is looking for software developers tell them about this project. Together we can bring more well-matched jobs to each other.