Find software developers with the right skills and expertise

1. Define the technical requirements for the role

2. Search our directory and shortlist the best matches

3. We will tell them that you are interested in their skills and how to apply

Developers with public profiles can be contacted directly for free. We charge employers a fixed fee ($20 - $100) for reaching out to passive job seekers who prefer to remain anonymous.

For Employers
  • GitHub profiles: 229,749
  • Open to work: 24,072
  • Registered members: we are not live yet
  • Stack size: 9

How to attract the right software developers

Skilled devs and talented beginners already have jobs. Even if they are not actively looking, many are open to new opportunities. The best way to get their attention is to present them with an opportunity that matches their skills and interests. We know that because we are software developers.

Instead of approaching someone “for a chat” or asking them to sit an online test we send developers a very concise message with your job outline and how well their skills match it. The better the match, the more likely they are to apply.

Our metric-based directory cuts through the noise of resume’s and the small talk to help both sides engage only if there is a good fit.

Non-judgemental metrics

We don’t rank developers or define what a “good” developer is. We present the data about their technology stack and expertise. You choose what metrics important to you, including availability, timezone and other profile details.

Developer metrics come from our code analysis app that looks at every commit they make and updates their profiles in real time.

What developers really want

Our two-way matching allows our members to specify what kind of work and benefits they are most interested in. It can be the type of employer, industry or the amount of compensation.

StackMuncher developer search takes the guesswork out of the process. It helps you zero-in on the likely candidates and informs how to adjust your offer to get better matches.

Stack match

Search by technology stack:
  • Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries, APIs and packages

E.g. C# + Twilio + Azure

Expertise match

Define the required level of expertise using proxy metrics:
  • Years of experience
  • Project size
  • Lines of code

E.g. min of 5y total experience, 100,000+ LoC in C#, 3 or more collaborators

Style match

Define soft metrics important to you and your team:
  • commit size and messages
  • code commenting
  • documentation

E.g. detailed commit messages + 3% comments + 1 ReadMe per project

What about culture fit and soft skills?

No one hires on technical skills alone. Culture fit and other “soft” metrics are just as important, but they can only be checked in a conversation with the candidate. StackMuncher helps you find candidates you’ll want to have those conversations with.